The Homeschooling Handbook – Lorilee Lippincot

Driven by my experience and passion for homeschooling, I am excited to write a book on this topic. The book will explore the benefits and challenges of homeschooling and offer practical tips for parents considering this journey. This book is a reflection of my journey and the lessons I learned along the way. When homeschooling came my way unexpectedly, I was surprised. I always thought that children needed social interaction and competition with peers, as well as the structure of a traditional school. But when my daughter, an early learner, could not go to kindergarten because of her age, I decided to start her myself. We set up a school space and embarked on an unexpected educational journey.

The discovery of homeschooling

That first experience with homeschooling was a revelation. My daughter thrived and was already working on first grade material before she officially had to start. This success led to my decision to continue homeschooling her. What started as a temporary solution grew into a passion for homeschooling.

Growth and change

Our homeschooling adventure has continued to evolve since then. We learned a lot about teaching methods, our children and ourselves. Although it was challenging, we adapted and never returned to the traditional education system. Our experience proves that homeschooling can be a valuable and enriching path.

My daughter’s individual path

My daughter, now in fourth grade, has followed a unique and personal learning path thanks to homeschooling. This journey has allowed her to blossom and reach her full potential, something that may not have been possible in a traditional school environment.

Versatility of homeschooling

My story is just one example of why parents choose to homeschool. There are thousands of reasons why families take this path. From academic acceleration to flexibility, homeschooling offers countless options to tailor education to each child’s unique needs.

Learning goes both ways

This book is dedicated to my sweet children, who continue to grow as I learn, through trial and error, and prayer, how to parent and homeschool. While I try to teach them to wash their faces and count in double digits, they teach me about the wonders of childhood, how natural learning actually is, and the joy of understanding a new concept. I love being a parent and it is a great privilege to be part of your educational journey. You are both special and brilliant, and I love you both very much!