Hi, I’m Sander Nieland and thank you for visiting my site.

For years, I’ve had ideas bubbling in my head about the love of learning. The birth of my first son Era in 2019, and my second son Noa in 2021 has put everything into high gear to give shape to these ideas.

Birth of an idea

Why do babies and kids have an open mind at a young age, eager to discover new things, wanting to experiment and learn new things? And how come that this love slowly fades away when they start school? How can this shift occur?

My experience and intuition have always told me that there is a different way than the current educational system.

Reconsidering education

Our current educational system operates on old ideologies that should be questioned. Much of what children learn at school hinders their development. It forces them into a very unnatural environment, with little room to learn how to explore their talents, face challenges, think for themselves, and take on their projects.

I don’t have tailor-made answers and I don’t think anyone does. However, I have gained a lot of knowledge and, more importantly, acquaintances with the same drive. I mainly ask questions and share what I learn.

Learning on demand

Together with my family, I am building a new alternative. We experiment with new mental models, gamification, decision-making, and other ways of learning. And especially by doing. Want to know more about mountain climbing? Then we’ll climb a mountain. Speak better Spanish? Then we travel to a Spanish-speaking country, culture included. And sex isn’t learned from a book, but that’s a concern for later 🙂

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