When a child does not grow, you change the environment in which they grow, not the child

When a child doesn’t grow to their full potential, it is necessary to look at the environment in which they are situated, particularly the school environment. Just like a flower needs the right conditions to bloom, a child requires a stimulating and supportive environment to grow and learn.

Create an environment rich in context, and the full potential of both the child and the parent will be unlocked.

Love for Lifelong Learning

I believe in the love for lifelong learning. Fundamentally, we have an urge to learn, experience and discover new things. 

In my perspective you have on one side the traditional education system and on the other side fully homeschooling. I am searching for the opportunities in the middle: the middle way

This approach requires letting go of everything I know and have learned. I want to explore and collect the opportunities of the middle way online and offline in the world. 

There are so many beautiful and meaningful possibilities for kids and parents who are also interested in this way. The options are just difficult or impossible to find.

This gave me the idea to collect meaningful ways in an app and website. So that anyone who is interested in the middle way can use it. 

This is work in progress: every day 1% better.

Sander Nieland

Hi, and thanks for visiting my site!

For years, I’ve had ideas bubbling in my head about the love of learning. The birth of my first son Era in 2019, and my second son Noa in 2021 has accelerated the process of giving these ideas shape and form.

How is it that babies and young kids have an open mind, that they are eager to discover new things, that they want to experiment and are keen to learn new things? And why does this love for learning gradually fade away as they start school? How does this shift happen?