Practice what you preach: how are you as a parent an example for your children?

In the spring of 2022, Emily Harrington, Brette Harrington, Christina Lusti and Hilaree Nelson embarked on the trip of a lifetime: a ski expedition to Baffin Island. It became a celebration of their achievements, their friendships and their lives, because not much later one of the participants, Hilaree Nelson, tragically died. This also made this film a moving ode to a ski legend. In this film she talks about her passion. She is a mother and mother-plus. And that she explained to her kids that this is part of her.

The life and achievements of Hilaree Nelson

Hilaree Nelson, born on December 13, 1972 in Seattle, was an American ski mountaineer who reached exceptional heights in her life. She rose to fame as the first woman to climb two 8,000-meter peaks (Everest and Lhotse) in just 24 hours on May 25, 2012. Hilaree, with a heart full of adventure, left the world a breathtaking trail of achievements, despite her tragic death on September 26, 2022.

Childhood and early years of Hilaree’s skiing passion

Growing up, the snowy slopes of Stevens Pass near Seattle ignited her passion for skiing when she was just three years old. Hilaree built her life around adventure, which led her to places far beyond the imagination of the ordinary person. From her home base in Telluride, Colorado, where she lived with her two sons, she undertook more than 40 expeditions, leaving her footprints on some of the most awe-inspiring mountains and terrain around the world.

Hilaree’s Exceptional Career and Stories

Hilaree’s name was synonymous with groundbreaking achievements. In 2018, she and her partner Jim Morrison descended the “Dream Line”, the Lhotse Couloir from the summit, for the first time. But her achievements were not just physical. She was also a powerful storyteller, sharing her experiences and adventures in publications such as National Geographic Adventure and The Ski Journal.

Honors and awards

Her life and career have been filled with accolades and honors, including being named one of the “25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years” by Men’s Journal, and one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year in 2018.

Tragic end to a skiing legend

Despite her extraordinary achievements, her life was abruptly and tragically cut short. On a fateful day in September 2022, while skiing with Morrison, Hilaree was caught in a small avalanche on Nepal’s Manaslu, leading to a fall of more than 1,800 meters. After days of uncertain searches, her body was found above the Thulagi Glacier and brought to Kathmandu.

Legacy of Hilaree Nelson

Hilaree Nelson left behind a legacy of courage, tenacity and striving for the impossible. She lives on in the memories of her breathtaking descents, her written stories and in the hearts of those inspired by her incredible journey through the heights and depths of our world.Practice what your preach: how are you as a parent an example for your children?

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