Homeschoolers scored higher on critical reading, math and writing

Dr. Brian D. Ray examined the SAT scores of homeschooled and regular education students. His study found that homeschoolers scored higher on critical reading, math and writing. The focus was on the 2014 SAT scores. The results showed a significant difference, but the cause is still unknown.

SAT Scores 2014 Examined

Homeschooled students’ SAT scores in 2014 exceeded the national average. About 13,549 homeschooled seniors averaged higher scores than all students. Their reading, math and writing scores were better: 567, 521 and 535 respectively. This was significantly higher than the national average of 497, 513 and 487.

Demographic differences

There were demographic differences between homeschooled students and the general student population. Household incomes were comparable. However, there were differences in terms of ethnicity. More homeschooled students were white compared to the general student population. Homeschooled students also more often had parents with a higher education level.

SAT Scores and Background Variables

The higher SAT scores of homeschooled students are a snapshot. No in-depth analysis has been done into the influence of background variables on these scores. The high scores are in line with previous research and the success of college students with homeschooling backgrounds.

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. 7 juni 2016 Link research