Nature as a classroom: Marc-André Leclerc’s climbing journey

Marc-André Leclerc is a name that may not be known to everyone, but his story is unforgettable. This documentary ends in a way you won’t soon forget, with emotions that touch you. Leclerc was a special personality, someone with ADHD who could not fit into the regular education system. His mother recognized his passion and did not stand in his way. Rather, she chose to homeschool him.

A natural upbringing

During the homeschooling period, his mother often took Marc-André into nature. Together they explored the outside world with activities such as cycling, hiking, studying plants and of course climbing. For Marc-André, climbing was more than a hobby; it was a way to express themselves, to be themselves.

Solo Climbing as a way of life

Marc-André Leclerc was an alpinist who chose to climb alone, far from the known trails and the public eye. He made some of the most daring solo climbs in history at the age of 23. His style of climbing was pure and risky, often without the use of ropes or any form of safety equipment.

A reluctant fame

Despite his impressive performances, Leclerc did not seek the spotlight. He lived a nomadic existence, had no telephone or car, and was very reluctant to allow a film crew into his isolated world. This made him an elusive figure, someone whose pure vision of climbing was difficult to capture.

The challenge for the filmmaker

Filmmaker Peter Mortimer saw Leclerc as a fascinating subject for a documentary, but found it difficult to keep up with the alpinist. Leclerc was constantly on the move, looking for new challenges and adventures. His historic climbing adventure in Patagonia, where he explored new frontiers of solo climbing, became a crucial part of this film.

Legend in the climbing world

This documentary introduces us to a young man whose love for climbing and nature drove him to unprecedented heights. Marc-André Leclerc leaves a lasting impression, not only as a talented alpinist, but also as someone who remained true to his own principles and lifestyle, far removed from conventional paths.