The amazing story of Laura Dekker

The story of the youngest person who sailed around the world in 27.000 se miles: 16 years old. Laura: I want to know what it felt like to sail around the world. To sail through storms. To experience a time of being alone. I had this dream as a kid. And it’s the beginning of my sailing life. 😇

Some quotes and facts of her she said during the documentary:

  • I don’t like that when people tell me what to do
  • 13 yrs old and sailed from Netherlands to England
  • She won a lawsuit against the government (10 monts) when she was 13
  • In Europe they only think about money, marrying, kids, and then they die… I want to see the world.
  • I love being alone.
  • Freedom is not being attached to anything
  • Born in New Zealand: I don’t have really a home. Home to me is “Guppy”, my boat

Watch here the docu.


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