Docu: Why do kids in the Netherlands go to school from the age of 4 in the Netherlands instead of 6/7 abroad?

Now online: a grandfather looks at his almost 4 year old granddaughter. He wonders what kind of educational field she will end up in.

He speaks to teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and teacher trainers who understand his concerns: how can justice be done to the uniqueness of the preschool period when school learning has also become the norm for such young children?

He discovers that most referrals to child psychiatry in the Netherlands have been coming from education for the past 10 years. Shouldn’t that ununified fact wake us up?

And why have we actually organized a ‘cut’ in our education system at the age of 4? While in Europe this only happens at the age of 6 or 7: the age when, on average, the period from ‘early childhood’ turns into that of the young school child.

Time for a critical look at the financing of our basic education.

The maker of the documentary ‘Kind en het badwater Kind en het badwater‘ is Johannes Kooreman.

You can watch the documentary in Dutch here.