Documentary Onderdruk(t) 2: New paths in education

Filmmaker Zeno Groenewegen took action after his daughter suffered a burnout from school stress. His two-part documentary ‘Alternatieven voor beter onderwijs‘ is an in-depth exploration of alternative educational methods. In a conversation, he shares his findings and the motivations behind this important documentary.

Copenhagen: Room for Creativity

In Copenhagen, the Orestad school has a unique approach, alternating traditional classrooms with ‘open spaces.’ These light-filled areas encourage students to collaborate on creative projects. This approach gives students the freedom to experiment and discover themselves.

Sudbury Education: Children as Equals to Adults

The Sudbury model treats children as adults and encourages them to take responsibility from a young age. Peter Hartkamp, one of the founders of the Sudbury School Amersfoort, emphasizes the importance of this early independence. This model proves that children from the age of 4 are capable of developing lifelong skills.

Agora: Self-Chosen Learning

In Roermond, the Agora-onderwijs follows a unique approach with meaningful projects. A notable example is a student building his own house. Student Casper explains that this education is about following your own curiosity and making choices based on what you want, not what you must.

Finland: Autonomy for Teachers

Finland stands out for the freedom it offers teachers in their curriculum. Instead of strict guidelines, teachers have the autonomy to determine how and when they teach. This approach is highly valued by Finnish teachers and is an inspiration for educational reformers worldwide.

Documentary Sketching Other Possibilities

‘Under Pressure 2: Alternatives for Better Education’ is an essential documentary for anyone interested in the future of education. Following the first part, which focuses on the problems within the education system, this second part offers a hopeful look at innovative educational methods. Feel free to share this documentary with your network.