Documentary Onderdruk(t) 1- How much longer is the education system sustainable?

The first part of this documentary series, produced by filmmaker Zeno Groenewegen, takes a critical look at the current state of primary and secondary education. This part, entitled ‘Onderdruk(t) 1: The Problem’, highlights the dark sides of the education system, which are often overlooked.

Background and motivation of the creator

Zeno Groenewegen was inspired to create this series by his eldest daughter’s negative experiences within the current educational system. In a candid conversation with program maker Flavio Pasquino, he explains the key points and goals of his diptych documentary.

Critical views of education experts

National and international education experts share their views on the origins of mass education and the problems that arise from it. They criticize the current system as an environment where ‘must and perform’ are central, at the expense of children’s imagination and creativity.

Opportunities for change

Although the experts are critical, they also offer hopeful perspectives for the future. They suggest alternative approaches and methods for a better education system, in which the personal development of children is more central.

Why ‘Onderdruk(t) 1: The Problem’ is a viewing tip

The offers not only criticism, but also insights and inspiration for improvement. It is a must-see for anyone involved or interested in education.

Preview: Part Two – ‘The Solutions’

For more insights on alternative teaching methods, look out for part two of the series, “The Solutions,” available starting this Saturday. This episode promises to provide innovative and practical solutions to the challenges presented in the first part.